Musa Festival

Muiñada, Magosto and Samaín

Musa Festival

Magosto, Muiñada and Samaín

As Musas are nymphs linked to rivers and springs. They are capable of inspiring all manner of poetry but also of talking about the past, present and future at the same time, thanks to their prophetic powers. No doubt inspired by one such Musa while we were working on reopening a trekking route, it occurred to us that it would be very fitting to combine the opening of the new trail with all the villagers getting together for a Magosto (roasted chestnut party in October). The idea started taking greater shape and eventually we all agreed that MUSA would be the name of our celebration. Why Musa? Because it goes further than the Magosto. MUSA means Magosto, Muiñada and Samaín. These three words in Galician forge a single idea: we were aiming to preserve our roots, to continue with our traditions, both those that are still popular, like the Magosto, and those that have almost fallen into neglect, like the Samain.

We invited everyone who wanted to join in freely in the event. We designed the structure and filled it with content – all that remained was to wait for the day to come and enjoy it.

® Rapa das Bestas - 2017